La Vallée Blanche

Welcome to the White Valley

The White Valley isn’t a fairy tale land or a bucolic countryside. No, it’s a box. Like any region in EW4, the Valley is tightly enclosed by a huge glass box called the Glass House. Nobody can see it, but it’s there all the same.

Some pretend life in a box is always on and highly connected, a perpetually buzzing experience. Not in the White Valley at least. The place is cold and empty, void of any form of life. Connected or not, life in a box is very organized: within the big box are smaller boxes, made of invisible glass too. A small Glass Box is the only place where life can be created. And anything outside of the box is strictly forbidden, of course.

La Vallée Blanche

The empty Glass Box

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The silent blogger

Almost a year since the last post, long long time no see. What a great blogger, the silent blogger!

No need for any originality here, the good old real life got into the way and kept me busy much more than I ever imagined, back in April last year. I learned a lot of stuff, especially in completely unusual fields for me – legal stuff for instance, irk. I see the good side today and say it was all mostly interesting. Yet, honestly, it was also really stressful at some time.


Real life can be so boring sometimes.

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Choosing a new theme is just like entering a huge hole in the space-time continuum – hypnotizing!

Sticky note for self: stay away from the appearance tab for a while.

Farewell John Hudson and thank you

A few hours ago, John Hudson announced that he was stepping down from his own baby, Simprograms. Find more about it here:

Stepping down & some other notes

“I haven’t been participating much in terms of posting news, and there is a reason for that… as I said in some of the previous comments, I’ve pretty much been distancing myself away from Sims/EA. I just don’t find the fun it in anymore, especially since most of the news coming out makes me want to rage and rant. I’ve began to question myself – why bother with the supporting EA when they clearly don’t give a rip about us? (I’m speaking about EA in general, not the SimGuru’s – at least they are somewhat trying to communicate to the fans). Why should I spend be constantly spending money on sub-par products that really don’t interest me that much anymore? Why keep giving EA free press and the only form of communication are takedown notices? I’ve pretty much had enough with the way the company is headed, so I’ve pretty much stopped buying their games and keeping up.”

I fully understand his opinion about the game and this overall feeling of deception, because I share them. For me, his exit is one more of those little signs popping out here or there that something went wrong with The Sims 3, like the franchise had taken a wrong turn somewhere in the last years.

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Ideas & Feedback

Why this title? Because that’s where this story started for me: reading some interesting posts on the Ideas & Feedback board of the official Sims 3 forum. Find the joyful thread here:

SimGuru’s, Where are you? The Sims 3 is failing.

Once again, our Sims community was all rage and despair. Fracas and ruckus have become the usual behavior of the forum, but the big surprise is that this time someone came in and answered us: SimGuruSemedi aka SimGuruGraham or Graham Nardone, one of the producers of The Sims 3. Not only did he posted, but several times amounting to a whooping 6000 and something words! More than 10 days later, I still find myself a bit shocked – no kidding. [1]

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